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About Flowering Cherries

Many of the ornamental flowering cherries growing in our gardens today were introduced from Japan within the last century. Although the exact origin of many is unclear, they have been cultivated in China, Japan, and Korea for hundreds of years. Planted in April 1931, the cherry collection at Swarthmore College was a gift from Mrs. Allen K. White, Class of 1894, in honor of Carolien Hayes White Powers, Class of 1922.

Thirty-four varieties, two plants of each, were planted in a semi circle from the Meetinghouse to the President’s House and along Cedar Lane. Over the years the collection has been refined. In 1985, it was expanded to include a memorial garden dedicated to Suzanne Schmidt, Class of 1946. The Cherry Border now displays over 50 types of ornamental cherries recommended for growing in the Delaware Valley.

Prunus 'Dream Catcher' (Flowering Cherry)


Prunus 'Okame' (Okame Cherry)


Prunus subhirtella 'Pendula' (Weeping Higan Cherry)

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Prunus subhirtella 'Scott Early' (Higan Cherry)

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Prunus × yedoensis (Yoshino cherry)



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